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How to Fix an Inconsistent, Manual and Painful Privacy Incident Response Process

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What’s the ROI of Automating your Privacy Incident Response Process?

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Privacy-related incidents are inevitable.

In today’s threat landscape, privacy-related incidents are inevitable, and in today’s regulatory climate, you are required to have an incident response plan and process. But incident response is about more than compliance.

Download this how-to guide for a look at privacy incident response best practices built by leading financial, healthcare, and governmental organizations. See how they use incident response as a springboard to improved incident response management practices and results.

The quality of your processes and tools determines how your org will fare in the event of a future audit.

This guide highlights:

  1. Challenges of privacy incident response
  2. The basics of consistency and compliance
  3. How to document to prove consistency
  4. Data for continuous improvement
  5. The bigger picture of privacy incident response

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With the expanding and volatile risk picture, organizations are struggling with several questions:

  • How to ensure consistency when assessing incidents for breach determination and reporting (Arguably the single most important challenge for most organizations)
  • How to make incident response processes efficient, scalable, and cost-effective
  • How to keep up with and meet changing regulatory deadlines and requirements in a timely way and while containing legal expenses
  • How to promote communication among siloed teams (security, compliance, privacy, legal, etc.) so that incidents don’t slip through the cracks

As they face these challenges, more organizations are also beginning to ask the strategic question: how can we leverage our incident response processes to better manage our risks, assure compliance, control breach costs, and improve our privacy and security posture.

Download the guide to take a look at how some successful privacy and compliance teams are answering those questions.

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