Today’s privacy teams are increasingly being asked to do more with less. It’s understandable that in an effort to hit goals, companies can be too comfortable with existing processes and tools, overlooking potential inefficiencies.

Radar® Privacy’s Health Check offering provides an outside perspective on current privacy management workflows and highlights opportunities to further increase efficiencies within the Radar product.

High-Level Insights

A Health Check with Radar® Privacy offers the high-level insights your privacy team needs to stay efficient and effective in their ever-evolving, fast-paced environment.

Performed on a yearly basis, a Health Check will evaluate and share data on your organization’s use of the Radar® Privacy technology, as well as foster workflow discussions for process improvements. Deliverables include a written report documenting your current state of efficiency, subsequent discussions to review the report, as well as actionable improvements to drive efficiency gains and further maturation of your privacy program.

When workflows are streamlined and efficient, team members regain valuable time, increasing their ability to focus on their most critical tasks. Efficient internal workflows, paired with Radar® Privacy’s best-in-class incident management platform, can drive your privacy team’s digital transformation forward.

Increase your team’s resources without increasing their workload. A Health Check offers high-level insights that privacy teams rarely have time to evaluate on their own, ensuring that efficiency remains a priority—especially in their busy, “do more with less” environment.

Do More with Less

What could your team achieve by accomplishing greater risk mitigation via improved privacy management workflow efficiency?

  • Regain valuable time: Ensure your privacy team can focus on the most critical and time-sensitive tasks, without losing perspective on the day-to-day requirements of privacy incident management
  • Increase team efficiency and effectiveness: Receive high-level insights your privacy team needs to stay efficient and effective, but rarely has time to gather in their ever-evolving, fast-paced environment
  • Drive the digital transformation of risk mitigation: Identify opportunities to streamline and simplify privacy incident management and response for increased risk mitigation on an organizational level

Health Check Use Case

A regional insurance company had already adopted Radar® Privacy to meet their goals of digitally transforming their privacy incident management and response processes.

After implementation and training, the privacy team was able to achieve documentable efficiency improvements and increased risk mitigation. However, the CPO and CCO were certain that the team, with the help of RadarFirst, could further mature their privacy program to meet board- directed operational KPIs.

RadarFirst was tapped to perform a Health Check with Radar® Privacy ahead of the year end reporting cycle. The goals were to 1) better understand the privacy team’s use of the Radar® Privacy technology, such as configuration settings and available features, and 2) to foster joint discussions with the experts at RadarFirst and the privacy team to identify areas of workflow and process improvement. The expected takeaway was a set of actionable recommendations that the privacy team could implement to reduce inefficiencies and free up privacy analysts to spend more resources on their most critical tasks, therefore supporting organization-wide risk mitigation efforts.

The Health Check experience, and resulting report, allowed the privacy team to look up from their daily tasks and ensure that they were achieving the greatest level of efficiency—and defensibility—in their ever-changing, fast paced environment. For instance, the process map exercise was immediately useful in a meeting with internal stakeholders the following day in a discussion centered on driving efficiency gains. Ultimately, further partnering with RadarFirst resulted in the privacy team’s ability to increase their output and effectiveness without increasing workloads by identifying and helping to remove efficiency blockers.

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