As new cybersecurity regulations arrive, privacy leaders must share their knowledge across their organizations to support and enhance cybersecurity programs. Privacy leaders are uniquely qualified to share their expertise with other departments to streamline incident management, automate risk assessment and ensure compliance with global data privacy laws. Learn how to navigate the intersection between privacy, cyber, compliance and risk teams to reduce notification time and lower the risk of noncompliance and fines.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the intersection of cybersecurity and privacy to effectively manage incidents.
  • Implement automation to streamline incident assessment and response, reducing resolution time.
  • Develop a coordinated and documented risk management plan to maintain compliance in a dynamic regulatory landscape.



  • Andrew Boden, Risk Outbound Product Manager, ServiceNow
  • Travis Cannon, Director, Integration Solutions, RadarFirst
  • Zelda Olentia, Lead Product Manager, Regulatory Analysis and Content, RadarFirst


Cyber & Privacy Regulatory Convergence Industry Report


2024 Privacy Incident Management Benchmarking Report

Privacy Incident Management Simplified with ServiceNow and RadarFirst

  • Reduce the risk of over or under notifications of privacy incidents
  • Streamline and automate resource heavy privacy tasks
  • Consistent incident documentation and history

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