With the FTC Safeguards Rule’s new notification requirement now in effect, thousands of additional businesses must comply with data breach notification requirements or risk facing significant regulatory penalties. From credit unions to money lenders, financial advisors, and collection agencies, the revised rule defines unique notification triggers, strict notification deadlines, and specific requirements for breach reporting. In this session of The Privacy and Compliance Collective, we’ll review the amendment to the FTC’s Safeguards Rule to shed light on who the rule affects, how organizations can streamline risk assessment of exposed personal information, and how to report a data breach in compliance with the revised rule.


  • [Host] Zach Burnett, Chief Revenue Officer, RadarFirst
  • Sam Castic, Privacy Leader & Partner, Hintze Law
  • Zelda Olentia, Lead Product Manager, Regulatory Analysis & Content,RadarFirst
Jun 6, 2024

What You Need to Know About the FTC Safeguards Rule Amendment

On October 27, 2023, the FTC announced it had approved amendments to the Safeguards Rule, including a requirement for non-banking financial institutio…

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