Radar® Compliance operationalizes compliance, cyber, and risk notification obligations for defensible, consistent, and collaborative incident management.

PORTLAND, Ore., October 4, 2023 – RadarFirst, a leader in privacy incident management, proudly introduces Radar® Compliance, the groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize compliance, cyber, risk, and third-party notification obligations.

New regulations require reporting and disclosure of events, such as cybersecurity incidents, to regulators, partners, and internal stakeholders. Radar® Compliance can help streamline and scale decision-making against time-bound regulatory requirements with defensible, documented outcomes. 

“Radar® Compliance is the only solution that allows teams to collaborate, fully document, and make objective and consistent decisions for compliance events, whether they’re related to cyber, risk, third party, or business resilience decisioning. RadarFirst has been mastering privacy incident management for two decades and Radar® Compliance is a natural product addition to the Radar® platform,” said Don India, RadarFirst CEO.

The configurable solution arrives at a pivotal time for regulatory change and stakeholder communication obligations. New reporting regulations require documented evidence of how organizations perform materiality risk assessments prior to notification decisions.

With Radar® Compliance, RadarFirst customers can establish, document, and report consistent, objective assessments of incidents and remove subjectivity from decision-making by defining their own thresholds for material harm associated with notification triggers.

To anticipate evolving regulations, Radar® Compliance can be configured for any number of use cases, such as cyber incident response and management, healthcare or safety events, or internal communications management.

Since compliance, cybersecurity, and privacy laws often overlap but require unique obligation timelines, Radar® Compliance allows teams to communicate, document, and resolve obligations for complex, multi-dimensional incidents in a single incident management platform and integrates seamlessly with Radar® Privacy when Personal Information (PI) is involved.

Automated process controls empower InfoSec, HR, Legal, and Compliance teams to minimize the risk of missed obligations, regulatory sanctions, or non-compliance with Board mandates, expediting incident resolution.

By documenting incident management processes, this audit-ready solution provides clear, accessible resources for regulators that reduce the risk of fines, optimizes spend on outside counsel, and eliminates unnecessary or missed notifications. Radar® Compliance is the answer to the modern compliance challenges organizations face.

About RadarFirst

RadarFirst’s award-winning incident management solutions are trusted by organizations to reduce risk and simplify obligation decisioning as mandated by privacy, cyber, and compliance laws. With patented Radar® technology, organizations can define, streamline, and scale decision-making against time bound regulatory requirements supported by consistent, objective processes with defensible, documented outcomes. Learn more at www.radarfirst.com.


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