The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a first of its kind U.S. state law. Similar to the GDPR, this regulation will require organizations reexamine the ways data is collected, used, and protected, including the broad definition of personal information and the potential for costly penalties and enforcements.

Leverage the depth of the Radar® Privacy platform for CCPA readiness tasks, and meet current and future regulatory requirements for breach notification in the state of California and beyond.

Verify your data processing and data protection measures meet CCPA requirements

Performing Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) are a core preparedness activity ahead of the CCPA effective date.

  • Perform simulations with tabletop exercises to assess potential risks to your organization’s data, from frequent and everyday incidents or worst case malicious attack scenarios with no protection measures present, to best in class NIST encryption.
  • View side-by-side how protection measures mitigate risk and reduce the severity of the privacy incident.
  • Bolster your PIAs/DPIAs with documentation of incident risk assessment scenarios to demonstrate the efficacy of your data management safeguards.
heat map of risk of harm analysis from a suspected breach mapped to ccpa breach notification requirements in RadarFirst

Meet California state and federal breach notification requirements

Organizations subject to the CCPA will also find themselves subject to the state’s existing breach notification regulations, including the California Civil Code, sector-specific federal (HIPAA & GLBA) and state (California Health and Safety Code, Department of Insurance) regulations.

Radar® Privacy has you covered for all these complex and often overlapping obligations with an automated and consistent multi-factor incident risk assessment and breach notification decision support under all applicable California regulations.

Radar® Privacy’s patented and proven solution simplifies compliance with CCPA and helps you effectively manage organizational data privacy risks because when it comes to incident response, a workflow approach without proven risk of harm assessment automation is simply not good enough.

Stay ahead of changing regulations with regulatory watchlists and always-up-to-date breach law overviews

Beyond CCPA: A Unified Framework for Your Global Privacy Incident Risk Assessment and Response

Bring consistency and efficiency to your incident response management process with Radar® Privacy’s unified global framework, the only software that uses purpose-built automation to quantify and reduce risk and simplify compliance with global data breach notification laws.

Since the passage of the CCPA in 2018, hundreds of amendments have been proposed, large and small. Should an amendment pass that would impact regulatory requirements around breach notification, it will be noted in the Radar® Privacy regulatory watch-list and incorporated into the Radar® Breach Guidance Engine for automated risk scoring to ensure compliance on the law’s first day of enforcement.

The RadarFirst regulatory team continuously tracks new and evolving global data breach notification laws and regulations to ensure that any changes are applied in RadarFirst prior to enforcement. Radar® Privacy users have access to summaries of hundreds data breach notification statutes within the Radar® Privacy Law Overviews, as well as a regulatory watch-list of active bills, along with an indicator of recent activity.

Get the big picture view of your organization’s privacy program with real-time reports and at-a-glance dashboards

Creating a strong culture of compliance requires transparency and the ability to view the privacy program’s workings from a high level. Radar® Privacy allows you to track incidents over time, review trends, and benchmark and measure your privacy program all key in getting the data needed for process improvements as well as executive and
board-level reporting.

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