Radar® Privacy is an award-winning SaaS solution that employs patented automation to streamline the management of data privacy and security incidents in order to ensure compliance with federal, state, and international data breach regulations.

The Challenge: Compliance with Data Breach Notification Laws

Organizations that hold regulated data must comply with the data breach notification laws of each U.S. state, as well as all applicable federal laws such as the HIPAA Final Breach Notification Rule and the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA), and the rapidly evolving landscape of international regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These regulations impose strict breach notification requirements on data breaches involving sensitive personal information. The challenge for organizations is that each incident must be assessed in accordance with the federal, state, and international laws where the entity conducts business or the affected individuals reside.

Each incident is unique and requires detailed documentation and a consistent incident risk assessment to determine if the incident rises to the level of a notifiable data breach. To achieve compliance, knowledge of the vast and increasing number of data breach notification laws within each jurisdiction – including any applicable exceptions – remains paramount.

The Solution: Automated Risk Assessment

Radar® Privacy is a SaaS solution with a patented automated risk assessment that enables organizations to quickly comply with current federal, state, and international breach notification laws. In Radar® Privacy, breach notification laws are mapped to an automated risk assessment that considers all relevant risk factors involved in a privacy incident, programmatically analyzing risk of harm based on all applicable data breach notification laws and regulations.

The Radar® Breach Guidance Engine guides users through a consistent and intuitive process for profiling and scoring any data privacy or security incident to determine whether the incident is a data breach. Radar® Privacy generates an incident-specific response plan and notification guidelines according to federal, state, and international laws. Radar® Privacy provides all the required documentation to support the organization’s burden of proof obligation under the breach laws, regardless of whether the incident is determined to be a notifiable breach.

Why Automate Privacy Incident Management with Radar® Privacy?

Radar® Privacy enables organizations to:

  • Comply with current data breach notification laws the patented Radar® Breach Guidance Engine
  • Leverage consistent and accurate automated risk assessments
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of an incident, from discovery and investigation to assessment and notification decision
  • Increase efficiency by enabling multiple functional departments to work in concert to quickly resolve incidents
  • Perform analysis of benchmarking data to identify trends and areas for improvement and risk mitigation
  • Satisfy complex audit and reporting obligations by storing all incident assessment documentation, breach notifications, reports, and audit logs in one location

If you’re ready for an incident management solution that’s unmatched in consistency and repeatability, schedule a demo to see Radar® Privacy can save you time, stress, and money today.

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