When a data incident occurs, delays can be expensive, both to an organization’s bottom line as well as to their loss of customer trust. An overlooked new incident notification or update alert should never impact your ability to beat an obligation deadline to notify your stakeholders, from regulators to third parties, and even your Board of Directors.

Reducing your Privacy team’s discovery-to-assessment elapsed time requires timely and highly visible communication regarding incident creation, updates, and assessments. If email is no longer your team’s preferred mode of communication, you need a better incident alert management solution.

Real Time Incident Alerts with Microsoft Teams and Radar® Privacy

Streamline Incident Intake

Microsoft Teams is a common enterprise productivity and collaboration tool. Radar® Privacy offers simplified incident risk management. Together, the prebuilt integration allows your team to speed incident assessment and resolution with real-time Radar® Privacy update notifications, ensuring that critical deadlines are never missed due to an overlooked email.

For Privacy teams, the benefits of streamlined communications can have an incredible ROI when it comes to risk management: faster time-to-decision and notification is possible with real-time Microsoft
Teams alerts.

When an incident is created, modified, or closed in Radar® Privacy, your team will receive a Teams alert, ensuring prompt visibility into the assessment and resolution of each incident. No identifying information is included in the Teams alert, but assigned team members can easily determine if their immediate attention is required via the included Radar® Privacy incident ID number and incident link.

Key Benefits

For Privacy teams, the benefits of streamlined communications can have an incredible ROI when it comes to risk management: faster time-to-decision and notification is possible with real-time alerts.

  • Highly visible incident alerts in your team’s preferred
    communication platform.
  • Enhanced productivity and time management when
    your team never has to search for an incident’s status.
  • Reduced time to incident resolution by resolving
    communication delays and missed email notifications.

Use Case

An organization, which used to rely heavily on email for both team communication and incident management, has systematically been maturing their Privacy program via the adoption of SaaS solutions, including Radar® Privacy and the Microsoft Office productivity suite. The result has been a streamlined approach to risk management.

The organization’s CPO, however, recognizes a remaining area for improvement: potentially delayed attention to Radar® Privacy incident creation and updates due to overlooked email notifications. The Privacy team may review their email accounts once or twice a day, but spends a bulk of their time in Teams coordinating with their teammates and cross functional colleagues. Emails are now generally considered to be noncritical, and are therefore easily overlooked for up to 48 hours.

With the implementation of the Microsoft Teams integration with Radar® Privacy, the Privacy team receives highly visible incident alerts and updates in real time that allow them to better prioritize their incident workload, and more quickly address time-restrictive tasks. Identifying information is left out of Teams communications from Radar® Privacy to ensure sensitive data is never inappropriately disclosed, but the provided incident ID number and incident link allows for Privacy team members to jump straight into an incident to determine and address required next steps.

A missed email communication about a time-sensitive incident created in Radar® Privacy is no longer a potential cause for missing a critical notification deadline to regulators or to third party stakeholders. Privacy team members no longer have to jump between multiple communication platforms to stay on top of their priorities. And faster time-to-notification is now possible with in-the-moment incident alerts from Microsoft Teams and Radar® Privacy.

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