In today’s digital age, maintaining customer trust as you seek to grow your business and retain loyal customers depends on how effectively organizations protect personal information and manage privacy incidents. As leaders in your respective fields, it’s your responsibility to not only abide by the regulations that protect your customers but to continually improve your efforts to reduce risk and provide transparency for how sensitive data is managed.

In this session of TPCC, we’ll take a deep dive into the findings from the 2024 Privacy Incident Management Benchmarking Report and explore what this means for your organization and business environment. Join the session to learn how to build incident management maturity and how to overcome the challenges associated with the use of personal data.

Key Takeaways:

  • Notifiable incidents are on the rise
  • Third party breach rates are much higher than internally caused incidents
  • Complexity of incidents has increased over the past few years
  • Typical elapsed times from incident occurrence to assessment and notification


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