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2021 Privacy Incident Benchmark Report

How Mature is your
Privacy Incident Response Process?

According to the CISCO Annual Privacy Benchmark Report1, 90% of organizations are now reporting privacy metrics to their boards and leadership. By benchmarking your program against your industry and others, you will better understand where to apply resources or examine your operations.

Back by popular demand, our privacy incident benchmark report is here to help organizations operationalize incident response and optimize risk assessment. For organizations who want to understand where incidents occur, how they are identified, and what the best practices are for mitigating risk, look no further.

Why Benchmark?

As the demands on ensuring data privacy grow, we must find new ways to plan ahead, reduce risk, and respond quickly to meet regulatory obligations. Leaders must adapt privacy programs for better scale and performance to optimize within tighter budgets.

By tracking and reporting incident response metrics against industry benchmarks we hope you’re able to provide company Boards and leadership with the clarity and insights needed to face the increasing risks to personal information, demands for organizational collaboration, and operational excellence across the entire incident response lifecycle.

A sample of key findings:

  • A third of all incidents were paper-based in 2020 vs. 64% that were electronic-based.
  • Unintentional incidents caused by human error account for almost 95% of all incidents.
  • The median timeline it takes organizations to discover incidents has more than doubled since 2018.

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Why Download this Report?

The inaugural Privacy Incident Benchmark Report is the first of its kind – an in-depth analysis of data incidents involving regulated personal information that establishes unique industry-specific breach notification benchmarks, including:

  • What causes incidents?
  • What types of incidents affect the most individuals?
  • How many jurisdictions does the typical incident involve?
  • How long does it take organizations to assess risk?

Download the report to learn the answers to these questions and many more.

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