Interactive graphs allow organizations using Radar to compare their privacy and security incident response metrics to their industry.

Portland, OR — March 3, 2020 – RadarFirst announced today the availability of real-time benchmarking data that allows customers to visualize key incident response metrics in the context of their specific industries, including financial services, insurance, and healthcare. Metrics include both overall and on-time incident notification rate, as well as incident timeline and all incident categories of electronic, paper, and verbal/visual.

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This is the latest addition to the Radar Insights feature which provides privacy, compliance, and security executives and their teams with a hub for powerful, real-time metrics, trend analysis, and reports to inform and improve their incident response program. Reports can be used to develop key performance indicators for internal purposes and measure against them, such as volume of discovered incidents, number of affected records, and root causes. Privacy teams can easily report to the company Board of Directors as well as regulators and auditors with built-in analysis and reports, including HHS Summaries, and required reports for OCC, FDIC, and FRB.

“It is our priority to help our customers leverage automation to quantify risk and make sound, data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency while mitigating risk” said Mahmood Sher-Jan, CEO of RadarFirst. “With this new benchmarking feature, they have a unique opportunity to measure their performance relative to their industry based on metrics derived from aggregated and anonymized incident metadata available only in Radar. Combined with the existing Insights reporting set in Radar, our customers have access to the most robust and actionable incident response analytics capabilities on the market.”

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