1. One of the world’s largest hotel chains cut its incident response time by 80% with RadarFirst+ServiceNow
  2. RadarFirst automation creates a repeatable, consistent risk assessment process
  3. The RadarFirst and ServiceNow integration reduces incident response time throughout the entire process

Managing privacy incidents can be challenging, especially when forced to navigate the ever-changing landscape of domestic and international data breach laws – and the legal obligation to consistently assess incidents in accordance with the myriad nuances associated with risk of harm rules, data sensitivity, and the latest regulations. But what if you could reduce risk at your organization while saving time and money on privacy incident management?

“Understanding the nuances in a law’s risk of harm standard (or lack thereof) is critical in developing a consistent breach notification and documentation program,” writes Kelly Burg, lead product manager at RadarFirst, in her article in Risk Magazine.

If waiting for magic to happen doesn’t line up with your priorities, Radar can help. With built-in data breach notification decision support, there’s no better way to streamline Privacy incident management and reduce risk to your organization.

Here’s how Radar helped one of the world’s largest hotel chains unscramble a sea of personal information woes.

What if you could cut your incident response time by up to 80%?

One of the world’s largest hotel chains did just this, as part of a holistic solution to simplify the identification of critical incidents involving privacy and provide workflow and automation tools to expedite remediation.

How does this hotel chain handle the management of sensitive data and security and privacy incidents for its thousands of properties across the globe?

Imagine the sheer amount of data, the number of strict notification deadlines, the number of global breach notification regulations — not to mention the number of towels to wash. Such an organization cannot rely on manual processes for washing towels, let alone managing risk assessments.

Automation is key. The ability to automate risk assessments involving the disclosure of personal information against the applicable jurisdictional law requires a repeatable, consistent risk assessment process.

Using Radar, RadarFirst’s intelligent incident response management software and ServiceNow’s security incident response solution, you can reduce risk throughout – no magic wand required.

A bi-directional relationship between the two systems allows the transfer of all key information for auditing and reporting purposes. Incidents tracked within ServiceNow that contain personal information (PI) are routed to Radar for assessment in accordance with both regulatory and contractual notification obligations. Read more in the latest case study. Here are highlights:

  • Reduced incident response time by 80%
  • Closed 70% of privacy-related incident investigations within 48-72 hours

RadarFirst’s incident response management software is trusted by organizations in heavily regulated industries to reduce risk and simplify compliance with U.S. and international data breach laws.

While Radar doesn’t wash towels and sheets, it does reduce risk while reducing incident response time and meeting the most stringent notification obligations under state, federal, and international breach notification laws. Like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, Radar makes dreams come true — without needing to proclaim any magic words.

See the ServiceNow + RadarFirst Integration in Action