• The recipe for perfect incident response management
  • How a Fortune-100 company took initiative to scale incident response internationally
  • The secret sauce of the Breach Guidance EngineTM

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Scalable and Proactive Incident Response | RadarFirstEvery privacy incident entails a unique business impact that must be fully risk assessed to determine notification responsibilities. With so many laws and so many incidents, it’s not surprising that many companies often under- or over-report data breaches. Yet, doing so carries significant risk to both organizations and individuals (read more about the dangers of over-reporting). The need to mature privacy programs into proactive departments with scalable incident response plans may be dire, but achieving such is not complicated.

Imagine if there were a recipe for privacy incident management, with intelligent incident response technology to streamline compliance with data breach notification regulations:

  • Mix privacy, compliance, and incident response.
  • Add in sensitive data and data protection regulations.
  • Fold in automation, consistent risk assessments, and a SaaS solution.
  • Bake at 350-degrees and voilà, the recipe for Privacy Incident Management Perfection.

It yields privacy incident response in half the time, with consistent risk assessment outcomes. Organizations across industries — including financial services, insurance, and healthcare — have been “cooking” this regularly, as part of their privacy programs.

Compliance is a moving target and mitigating risk is paramount. Especially with so much hanging on your organization’s every move, the need to protect your most sensitive data, and the always-changing breach notification obligations, a consistent outcome for privacy incident response is critical. Organizations with mature privacy programs turn to RadarFirst for consistent and intelligent outcomes.

Here’s the background

A large financial services company that collects, stores, and processes huge volumes of sensitive customer data wanted to replace its manual processes with a more scalable, purpose-built solution to improve cross-functional collaboration and make its privacy team more productive.

The privacy team needed an efficient method for addressing the increased incident volume and breach risks. Does this sound familiar? Considering the varying state breach laws plus the burden of compliance with federal and international data breach regulations, this might be a good recipe to follow.

The financial company’s desired outcome was more efficiency, less complexity, and scalability. This is where Radar meets the challenges. Here are the “ingredients” for the technology solution required:

  • Streamline incident escalation and data gathering across the entire enterprise to meet the rising number of incidents.
  • Perform automated incident risk assessments against all state and federal laws, as well as emerging international laws
  • Provide a consistent and collaborative method for efficient decision-making, documentation, and reporting for C-suite, Board, and the privacy program.
  • Gain real-time visibility into root cause and incident trends.

The Secret Sauce: Breach Guidance EngineTM

When it comes to compliance, Radar has you covered — especially if you’re after consistency, efficiency, and reducing risks. With a patented Breach Guidance Engine™ to provide a streamlined and highly efficient process for incident response management, Radar receives high marks. “Radar is now our source of truth.”

Consider some of the benefits:

  • More efficient and strategic use of internal and external counsel by the privacy team
  • Greater visibility into the incident response process for external stakeholders
  • Always up-to-date with changing breach notification regulations
  • Reliable, highly secure SaaS platform ideally suited for the company’s digital-first business model

“Radar provides a comprehensive multi-factor risk assessment and recommendations for every incident,” says the senior compliance officer at the financial services organization we outlined.

RadarFirst quotation mark“We can easily identify the high-severity ones that require more investigation and explanation to regulators, and at the same time achieve total consistency and proof of compliance in the risk assessment process. Radar provides the additional level of validation that supports our decision making.”

Consider this, from a director of privacy and security, “Before Radar, it would take hours to document and set up reporting for each incident. Now we can complete the same tasks in a fraction of the time.” More time to put toward other critical privacy initiatives.

Or, more time to try out new recipes, just in time for summer! What would you do with increased efficiency in your incident response management?

Learn How a Fortune 100 Company Scaled Their Privacy Program with Radar

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