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November 30 2022

The Privacy Collective | Remove Subjectivity and Streamline Breach Decisioning

When: November 30th at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST (30 mins)

Join us for a live Q&A with Laurie Radler, AVP, Chief Privacy Officer at Healthfirst, and Lauren Wallace, Chief Privacy Officer and General Counsel at RadarFirst, for a discussion on how privacy teams can improve consistency in incident response, build team collaboration, and eliminate the subjectivity inherent in the breach notification decision-making process. Join this live Q&A to hear how automated incident response can help your team arrive at consistent, defensible breach decisions and reduce customer notifications.

In this session we will cover:

  • How opinions can disconnect teams and create opportunities for reputational harm
  • Developing playbooks for consistency and repeatability within your incident management process
  • Ways to leverage automation to prepare your organization for the unexpected

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