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Decision Intelligence is Key to Reaping Benefits of Digital Transformation

You plan for it. You work tirelessly to avoid it. But in spite of best efforts and intentions across your organization, a data incident occurs. Before your people leap into action, consider this:

How can you turn a suspected breach and your organization’s response into a strategic advantage?

Companies responding to a suspected data breach usually find themselves in crisis mode. Teams across the organization scramble to meet response requirements.  What’s preventing these teams from timely breach resolution? Each functional team follows its own workflow to assemble details about the incident, siloed teams work against each other as the clock starts ticking, new incident data appears, and restarts the investigation. This decentralized approach to incident response management causes frustration and costly wasted effort at best and missed reporting deadlines and penalties at worst. 

So what’s the solution? 

A centralized, collaborative platform that helps your entire organization manage the data incident response across functional teams. 

Incident Dimensions – a collaboration tool embedded within the RadarFirst incident management platform–allows all teams to work together, centralizing the incident response information in one place. Teams work in parallel to remediate the investigation, and notification if necessary, on time.

End of Story? No way!

This is where you put the incident to work for your organization. The RadarFirst platform’s emphasis on unified data and analytics provides your organization with a complete picture of your team’s efforts – in other words, we give you Decision Intelligence. 

Why is decision intelligence important?

According to Gartner, who coined the term, Decision Intelligence comes from the integration of data, analytics, and automation to create platforms to support, augment, and automate decisions. As we set forth in our recent Guide to Digital Transformation for Privacy Incident Management, in order to reap the benefits of digital transformation, your organization must have decision intelligence; and RadarFirst is the decision intelligence platform you need to usher in digital transformation of your incident response management. 

The industry-specific benchmarking data our platform generates is something that members of your team can use to influence smarter decisions every day.  RadarFirst’s intelligent  incident management platform allows you to track and analyze: 

  • What kind of incidents are happening
  • Whether they are coming from inside or outside of your organization
  • How many people are affected
  • How quickly you respond
  • Whether your response occurs within the legal timeline requirements

In addition to cutting your incident response time by 50%, use of the Decision Intelligence generated by the RadarFirst platform will allow your leadership team to:

  • Evaluate historic decisions and processes for improvements  
  • Create employee awareness training to change practices and processes
  • Run models through Radar to drive future decisions
  • Identify response processes across the organization that could be simplified or, better yet, automated

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