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How RADAR® works

RADAR guides you through the process of profiling, assessing, and responding to privacy and security incidents so you can ensure your regulatory compliance and reduce data breach risks. 

1 - Capture. RADAR’s configurable web forms capture the information specific to your organization—from data types and locations to jurisdictions and customer information. Every member of your workforce can report a privacy or security incident with these easy-to-use web forms. Once an incident has been submitted, an automated alert will notify your team.

2 - Profile. RADAR's Breach Guidance Engine™ provides a workflow for taking the information from a specific incident, guiding the user through the process of evaluating incident specifics, and profiling incident information so it can perform an assessment.

3 - Decide. The Breach Guidance Engine's incident assessment is always based on the most current state and federal breach notification laws. The result of this assessment process is a heatmap that lets you visualize the severity and data sensitivity of an incident. This consistent assessment methodology gives you guidance for deciding whether or not the incident is a reportable breach. RADAR will document your decisions and reasoning.

4 - Respond. Based on your decision, RADAR outlines the actions that you should take to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations in the jurisdiction(s), as defined by the affected population and the nature of the data. These include the notification of affected individuals, regulatory authorities, and attorneys general, as required. You can upload, store, and retrieve all incident-related documentation to a central repository—all the information you need to prove compliance to regulators and auditors.

5 - Analyze. RADAR’s dashboard helps you track and analyze the root cause of incidents. With incident trending, you can identify spikes and other behaviors to identify potential security vulnerabilities. Executive management and your board of directors will also appreciate the updated, easy-to-understand metrics.

6 - Mitigate. By analyzing trends and looking at the root causes of your most serious incidents, RADAR helps you focus your security efforts and investments on those high-risk areas or causes mostly likely to lead to a serious breach. You can allocate risk management dollars to training or new security technologies, and minimize risk right at the source.

Learn how RADAR assesses PHI incidents and assesses PII incidents.

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