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Automation in Incident Assessment & Response

RADAR operationalizes your incident response management process, applying automation and best practices to bring consistency and efficiency to privacy and security incident intake, risk assessment, breach decisioning, and notification so you can ensure global regulatory compliance and reduce data breach risks.

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RADAR’s configurable web forms streamline incident intake to escalate incident details in a consistent manner—from incident types and locations, to custom organization information. Every member of your organization can report a privacy or security incident with these easy-to-use web forms. Once an incident has been submitted, an automated alert notifies your privacy team, security team, or other decision makers for immediate action. APIs allow for additional automation and system integration, bridging the gap between security operations and privacy concerns.

Operational Result: Timely escalation


Profile & Assess

RADAR guides users through an intuitive process for profiling the incident risk factors and consistently scoring the incident to determine whether it is a data breach. The Breach Guidance Engine™ generates an incident specific heat map that quantifies the likely risk of harm, generates a response plan, and outlines notification guidance according to the applicable laws, documenting the process to support the organization’s burden of proof obligation under data breach laws.

Operational Result: Consistent breach determination

Keep Current with Global Data Breach Laws

The RADAR regulatory team continuously tracks changes in data breach notification laws for you, to help ensure compliance with new and changing laws immediately upon the law's enforcement date. Access up-to-date overviews of global breach notification laws, as well as regulatory watchlists that track proposed and recently passed legislation.

Operational Result: Eliminate the costs and time necessary to monitor, research, and analyze global regulatory changes



According to your notification decision, RADAR outlines the actions that you should take to ensure timely compliance with the applicable regulations in each jurisdiction. These actions include the notification to affected individuals, regulatory authorities, credit reporting agencies, and business clients as required by contractual agreements. RADAR alerts you to notification deadlines, format, and content requirements. Create, manage, and store notification letters in a single repository, along with any other incident-related documentation—all the information you need to prove compliance to regulators and auditors.

Operational Result: Meet notification deadlines

Analyze & Report

Through real-time reporting and dashboards, RADAR offers actionable insights into your organization’s privacy program, making it easier to identify trends, establish program benchmarks, expose security vulnerabilities, and uncover opportunities for continuous improvement of your incident response process. Privacy teams, executive management, and boards of directors will appreciate easy-to-understand metrics and graphs.

Operational Result: Automatically capture incident trends and privacy program benchmarks

Monitor & Mitigate

By analyzing trends and looking at the root causes of your most serious incidents, RADAR helps you focus your privacy and security efforts and investments on those high-risk areas or causes mostly likely to lead to a serious breach. You can make data driven risk management decisions and resource allocations to minimize risk right at the source.

Operational Result: Establish proof points for privacy program improvement efforts

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