Incident Response:
The Pillar of Modern Privacy Management

Incident response remains the cornerstone of privacy management. For organizations who seek to reduce risk and fulfill legal obligations, having a consistent, reliable, and automated risk assessment platform enables your team to make accurate and timely notification decisions amid an increasingly complex data breach landscape.

Explore why automation in privacy incident response is pivotal to simplify compliance with data breach notification laws.

Why are privacy data breach laws a growing concern?

No organization can escape the inevitable occurrence of a privacy incident.

Governing bodies at the state, federal, and international level have worked to regulate data privacy to protect consumers. However, with each new law comes a series of complicating factors for privacy officers to navigate, such as:

  • Privacy laws that vary by jurisdiction
  • Competing notification timelines
  • Federal and international statutes

All of which leave privacy leaders navigating the slippery slope of noncompliance.

Fortunately, by prioritizing incident response you can free up resources to alleviate stress on privacy teams and ensure compliance in the event of a data breach.

Is your privacy incident response process up-to-speed?

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The case to prioritize incident response within privacy

As the breach notification law repository grows in complexity, organizations face increased risk of:

  1. Human error
  2. Missed notification deadlines
  3. Over- or under-notification
  4. Costly penalties and fines
  5. Permanent reputational damage

To mitigate these threats, the Breach Guidance Engine™ automates the incident risk assessment and provides immediate, accurate, and consistent results.

Learn how you can streamline assessment for immediate notification decision-support.

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What can a consistent, accurate risk assessment do for you?

Each privacy incident requires accurate analysis to meet today’s stringent notification deadlines and the determination of which laws apply to which incidents remains a substantial time investment.

To operationalize your privacy team with a scalable incident response process, Radar automatically assesses incidents across all jurisdictional breach laws, to surface your notification obligations in just moments.

Key processes include:

  • Synthesizes all laws, regulations, and third-party notification obligations
  • Maps breach notification laws to an automated risk assessment
  • Works in concert with other privacy and security management technology

What is the business value of automating privacy incident response?

Demonstrating ROI for automation in privacy incident management includes more than mere penalties avoided.

Automation in IR increases the speed of incident resolution – even as other elements of privacy IR increase (i.e., data breaches, laws, risk).

With Radar, an automated solution, your team can gain speed without compromising accuracy. Our unique tool increases operational efficiency across departments, improves response times, and saves critical resources.

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