We Play Well with Others

Radar® offers established integrations with preferred security and compliance providers, like ServiceNow, Splunk Phantom, Protenus, Fair Warning, and more.

Additionally, a robust and agile API streamlines the connection between data detection tools and Radar®.

Pre-Built Integrations


Effortlessly sync your employee database updates to Radar® Privacy in real time, automating time-intensive but critical tasks and ensuring accurate incident data—and incident assessments.

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Email-generated incident creation within Radar® Privacy offers flexible incident reporting via Gmail and Outlook, anytime, from anywhere to reduce reporting delays and, ultimately, an incident’s discovery-to-assessment time. 

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Never miss a critical Radar® Privacy incident update by leveraging your enterprise collaboration tool with real-time Slack notifications, reducing your discovery-to-assessment elapsed time for Privacy incidents.

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Microsoft Teams

Real-time incident alerts and updates with Radar® Privacy and Microsoft Teams. Leverage your enterprise collaboration tool to reduce your discovery-to-assessment elapsed time for Privacy incidents.

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CSV File

Automate incident data intake to Radar® Privacy from a CSV file to seamlessly create new incidents, or to transfer incident history to Radar® Privacy from a legacy system. 

Privacy and Security API Integrations

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Automatically synchronize PHI incident data between Protenus and Radar® Privacy, creating a secure exchange of critical information to speed the assessment and resolution of privacy incidents.

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ITSM and Security Operations

Enable cross functional incident management between Privacy, Security, and IT teams with Radar® Privacy’s integration to ServiceNow’s ITSM and SIR solutions, reducing mean time to incident resolution.

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GRC and Privacy Solutions

ServiceNow and RadarFirst offer their joint customers full spectrum privacy incident response and management, from efficient digital workflows to assessing privacy incidents and automating the breach notification decisioning process, potentially reducing both regulatory fines as well as costly impacts to organizational trust.

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Sync your IT, Security, Privacy teams with a Splunk SOAR integration to Radar® Privacy. Automate incident creation, attachment uploads, and data syncs to generate Radar® Privacy data reports within Splunk.

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