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RADAR® List of Features

RADAR is award-winning incident response management software used by leading organizations for reducing data breach risks while simplifying and proving compliance with data breach laws. RADAR is delivered as a SaaS application so it's always be up-to-date with the latest breach regulations

Incident Escalation

RADAR® List of Features
  • Configurable incident submission web forms
  • Automatic incident profile alerts 
  • Intuitive and purpose-built workflow

Risk Assessment

RADAR® List of Features

  • Simple-to-use incident profiling wizard
  • Investigation and remediation tracking
  • Breach Guidance Engine™ for federal and state laws

Notification Guidance

RADAR® List of Features

  • Compliant incident response guidance 
  • User control for making notification decision
  • Tracks incident notification due dates
  • Incident notification alerts

Central Repository

RADAR® List of Features

  • Incident-specific documents as attachments
  • Incident notes for collaboration among users
  • Corporate and user libraries

Contractual Obligations Workflow

RADAR® Contractual Obligations Workflow

  • Manage client notifications
  • Capture important details, including timelines and contacts
  • Treat your clients as contractual jurisdictions through existing RADAR functionality
  • Stay compliant with contractual obligations

Reports & Trend Analysis

RADAR® List of Features

  • Compliance metrics
  • Trend analysis
  • Auto-generated regulatory agency reports
  • Incident and notification reports

Administration & Policy

RADAR® List of Features

  • Configurable incident tracking and alerts
  • Custom data fields and notification policies
  • Configurable user access privileges
  • PHI/PII/CSI data sensitivity policy
  • Third-party service provider information