Operationalize Incident Response with Purpose-Built Software

Now more than ever, privacy, security, and legal professionals are looking to innovative software to help manage incident response and breach decision-support against a background of increasingly complex global data breach regulations.

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Reduce Enterprise Risk with Consistency and Automation

Incident Response Dashboard and Prioritization

Dashboard and Prioritization

In a single view, gain real-time visibility into incident assessment and notification status, pending action items, and incident trends.

Faster time to breach decision

Faster Time to Decision

Quickly capture incident details, identify if an incident is a breach, and take corrective actions.

Reduce Operational Costs in Privacy

Reduce Operational Costs

Automate routine incident assessments, efficiently manage contractual obligations, and reduce bottlenecks in incident intake.


Reporting and Trend Analysis

Benchmark and measure the success of an incident management program.

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The Breach Guidance Engine™

Patented technology designed specifically to ensure consistent, efficient and objective scoring of privacy and security incidents involving regulated data. Using incident modeling techniques, the Breach Guidance Engine™ performs a compliant multi-factor risk assessment to help determine whether an incident is a data breach. An incident-specific heat map quantifies the sensitivity of the data along with the severity and likelihood of harm, generates a response plan, and outlines notification guidance according to applicable laws.

RADAR Breach Guidance Engine
Timely, Efficient Privacy Incident Intake

Timely, Efficient Incident Intake

RADAR streamlines incident intake and escalation. Incident submission web forms can be customized to securely capture information specific to the incident and the impacted organization, allowing any employee to easily submit a privacy or security incident. Automatic incident profile alerts ensure timely escalation, and open APIs allow for integration with third-party security and compliance systems.

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Regulatory Workflows

RADAR is the only platform designed to provide automated multi-factor risk assessment and decision-support guidance for global data breach laws. Covered entities, controllers, processors and business associates benefit from RADAR’s intuitive workflow and sophisticated incident risk assessment and lifecycle management to ensure and simplify compliance with internal and external reporting obligations. The entire process is documented to support your organization’s notification decision and burden of proof obligations under data breach laws.

  • Compliant incident response guidance
  • User control for making notification decisions
  • Tracking of incident notification due dates
  • Incident notification alerts
  • Documentation of both notifiable and non-notifiable incidents for proof of consistency and compliance

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Incident Facets RADAR

Manage Incident Facets

Privacy and security incidents don’t always involve a single privacy data set. For example, a multinational company may experience an unauthorized disclosure of personal data belonging to both US and EU employees. Or a stolen briefcase may contain a tablet, financial statements, and a thumb drive, each holding a unique set of data impacted by different risk factors or subject to different regulatory requirements. With RADAR’s patent pending Facets feature, these data sets can be documented and assessed as unique facets of a single incident ensuring organizations don’t over-count incidents.

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Contractual Obligations Workflow

Organizations may have business agreements with hundreds if not thousands of corporate clients, processors, business associates, services providers, or other external entities. These business agreements mandate the protection of regulated data and typically require stringent notification timelines to the data controllers and owners in the event of an unauthorized disclosure. Managing these contractual obligations can be a complex and inefficient process, and noncompliance can have serious consequences. RADAR’s patented Contractual Obligations Workflow eases this burden, allowing organizations to efficiently manage contractual details and notification obligations for both upstream and downstream business relationships in a single platform. Full integration with the RADAR Breach Guidance Engine™ ensures that all incidents undergo a multi-factor risk assessment for both regulatory and contractual notification obligations.

Contractual Obligations Workflow
Notification Letters Module

Print Notification Letters

Once it’s determined that an incident requires notification, managing the notification process and generating notification letters to individuals, regulatory agencies, and business clients brings additional workflow complexity. RADAR simplifies this complexity by alerting you to notification deadlines as well as notification format and content requirements. The Notification Letters Module allows you to easily create, manage and store notification letters, automatically building a central repository of all notification letters to help you demonstrate compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements.

Trend Analysis, Reporting

RADAR’s real-time reporting and dashboards provides data-driven and actionable insights into your organization’s privacy program, making it easier to identify trends and uncover issues important for continuous improvement of your incident response process.

  • Compliance metrics
  • Trend analysis
  • Auto-generated regulatory agency reports
  • Incident and notification reports
Trends and Reporting for Incident Response Management
International Data Breach Notification Law Overviews

Up-to-Date Law Overviews 

Breach notification laws create a complicated landscape for privacy, security, and legal teams responsible for risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. The RADAR regulatory team rigorously tracks changes in data breach notification laws and incorporates the changes into the Breach Guidance Engine™, helping ensure compliance with global data breach notification laws. Law Overviews provide up-to-date summary information of hundreds of global breach notification laws along with continuously updated regulatory watchlists of proposed and recently passed legislation.

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We were doing a lot of our analysis manually. We needed more consistent analysis and reporting, and that’s what RADAR offered.

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