The ROI of Automation in Privacy Incident Response Management

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What is the Tangible Value of Automation?

50% reduction
in assessment time

With automated decision-support guidance, and a consistent, intuitive process for investigating, profiling and scoring data privacy incidents, teams are able to quickly determine whether an incident is a breach, and provide documentation to support the burden of proof obligation under breach laws.

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“~90% reduction in time spent on assessments; could take 3-4 hrs per state before and now takes minutes.”

At least 1 less fine; the equivalent of $1.68M

Conduct automated, multifactor risk assessments with consistency and efficiency; comply with data breach notification laws; and stay current with ever-changing breach notification rules and obligations. With Radar your team can easily mitigate the risk of potential fines or investigations in the future.

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“More consistent, documented outcomes with Radar can help reduce the risk of breaches and fines.”

90% less unnecessary notifications

Radar’s patented technology guarantees consistent, efficient and objective scoring of privacy incidents. The incident-specific heat map quantifies the sensitivity of the data and the severity and likelihood of harm and generates a response plan, making it simple to determine whether to notify.

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When a multi-factor risk assessment is performed on privacy incidents, less than 10% rise to the level of a breach.

How efficient is your privacy incident response management system?

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  • How much time are you spending on incident intake, assessment, and reporting?
  • How consistent are your incident management processes and outcomes?
  • What are your chances of damage to business partnerships and brand reputation?

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