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RADAR is award-winning incident response management software used by leading organizations for reducing data breach risks while simplifying and proving compliance with data breach laws. RADAR is delivered as a SaaS application so it's always up-to-date with the latest breach regulations.

Ready with RADAR

How it Works

RADAR operationalizes the incident response management process, applying automation and best practices to bring consistency and efficiency to incident assessment and response. Learn more >


How it Works
RADAR Features


RADAR guides you through the incident response lifecycle, from documentation and assessment, to printing breach notification letters, managing contractual obligations, and analyzing organizational trends. View RADAR features >

Integrations and Partners

RADAR has integrated with leading technology companies to provide organizations a complete solution for detecting and managing incidents, including open APIs for integration with third-party security and compliance systems. Learn more about these integrations and our strategic alliances with global privacy law firms >

Partners and Integrations

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Compare your Incident Response Management Options

Compare Your Options

In an ecosystem of security, privacy, and incident management tools, RADAR provides automated risk assessment & decision-support guidance to answer the question: I’ve detected an what? Compare >

GDPR and Breach Notification


RADAR’s patented multi-factor risk assessment and decision-support guidance brings efficiency and consistency to incident response for the GDPR. Learn more >

Incident Response Research, Guides and White Papers

Resources and Product Info

From incident response best practices to industry trends to RADAR product details, we’ve got you covered. View our resource library > 

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Being on the RADAR platform has allowed us to identify and close holes in our business practices that present the threat of unauthorized disclosure.

Senior Counsel & CPO Fortune 500 Financial Services Company