Automatically apply state, federal, and international breach laws to any privacy incident – no matter the complexities.


Instantly identify all applicable privacy regulations, notification entities, and timelines – in one, easy-to-use platform. 


Automated technology to solve the most complex challenges of data breach management.


Enable your team to make accurate decisions based on consistent criteria. Guaranteed compliance with shifting regulations.

Discovery, Triage & Investigation | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Discovery, Triage & Investigation

Expedite incident intake with our partners or build your own connection through our open API. Then, use our patented automated risk assessment to map all applicable laws to your incident profile.

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Third-Party Contractual Obligations | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Third-Party Contractual Obligations

Contractual obligation notification for upstream and downstream clients.

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Team Collaboration | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Team Collaboration

Connect teams, grant visibility, incident access, and consolidate remediation with Incident Dimensions™.

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Risk Assessment & Breach Decision | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Risk Assessment & Breach Decision

Ensure compliance in seconds with the patented automation of privacy incident risk assessment and leverage decision intelligence in your breach decisioning.

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Remediation & Notification | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Remediation & Notification

Document resolution & corrective action, notification, forensics, and protection services within the RadarFirst platform.

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Analysis & Benchmarking | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Analysis & Benchmarking

Set a course for improvement with one-of-a-kind insights and reporting metrics. Compare progress overtime with everything from: root cause, timelines, frequency, trends, and industry-specific benchmarking.

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