As soon as an incident arrives in the RadarFirst platform…


From the moment a privacy incident is discovered, teams can capture key details and begin the assessment process via integrations, an open API, or directly in the platform.

RadarFirst’s cutting-edge breach guidance technology takes the stress out of pressure-filled decisions with an expedient and thorough incident discovery process.

Triage & Investigation

After an incident is discovered, it’s crucial to begin the triage & investigation process without delay.

With an intuitive and easy-to-follow process, RadarFirst ensures you quickly and accurately document and record every critical detail.

What are the key details?

Included, but not limited to:

  • Date(s) of the incident
  • Type(s) of personal data exposed
  • Selection of Risk Factors* (approximately 130k)
  • Nature of the incident
  • Who received the data
  • Potential risk mitigation outcome

*130,000 reasons to leverage automation for a consistent and accurate decision.

Regulatory Research | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Regulatory Research

Patented automated risk assessment maps all applicable laws to your incident profile and provides a single repository for incident documentation.

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Third-Party Contractual Obligations | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Third-Party Contractual Obligations

Contractual obligation notification for upstream and downstream clients

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Team Collaboration | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Team Collaboration

Connect teams, grant visibility, incident access, and consolidate remediation with Incident Dimensions™.

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Risk Assessment & Breach Decision | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Risk Assessment & Breach Decision

Ensure compliance in seconds with the patented automation of privacy incident risk assessment and leverage decision intelligence in your breach decisioning.

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Remediation & Notification | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Remediation & Notification

Document resolution & corrective action, notification, forensics, and protection services within the RadarFirst platform.

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Analysis & Benchmarking | RadarFirst Privacy Incident Management

Analysis & Benchmarking

Set a course for improvement with one-of-a-kind insights and reporting metrics. Compare progress overtime with everything from: root cause, timelines, frequency, trends, and industry-specific benchmarking.

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